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What is Geared?

Geared is a side-scrolling RPG with real-time strategy elements. Geared is all about building, crafting and exploring. We built Geared fully from the ground up for android and iOS, with easy controls and light specs.

In Geared, you take on the role of a lost little guy, out all alone in the wild. You must make your way past evil snails, crazy trolls and horrible snakes to survive and ultimately thrive! Collect supplies, craft weapons and buildings, shape the world. Geared relies on crafting rather than a block-based system to make the game more fun.

Explore the deep underground caverns or find floating islands, the world is yours to own... We are actively busy with development of Geared will constantly release new updates and features for a long time to come. Find the mysterious secrets of the hidden skulls or craft a set of "adamantium armour", or cruise in your heely-wheelies

Get Geared here: PlayGeared


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